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The Greater Good DVD


Considered to be a 'must watch' for everyone, The Greater Good DVD is an extremely interesting documentary about the very touchy and emotive subject of vaccination.

Vaccination doses have tripled since the recommendations of the '80s and many are now mandatory, giving us little choice in the matter. The Greater Good DVD renews the vaccine debate, challenging all of us – scientists, doctors and parents alike to become better educated about vaccination.

Vaccines are everywhere, not just childhood vaccinations but other vaccines that are offered such as the flu and pneumonia shots, booster shots for tetanus when we have an accident, whooping cough vaccine that we are expected to have before we have contact with our grand-babies (many of us are too scared not to have it), and the HPV vaccine given to young girls as a precaution.

Vaccination are often given just because they are available and we think we should have them, like the flu shot because we are 'older' or when we work in the public arena – well, doesn't everyone go out in public! They can often make people think they are safe when sometimes the vaccine only covers one or two strains of the disease, perhaps leaving people at more risk through their ignorance.

The Greater Good DVD has some riveting personal stories as well as scientific data, but the issue is contentious and we need to increase our awareness about every aspect of vaccination to enable us to make the best decision for ourselves and our children.

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