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Sundala Health Ayurvedic Foot Scrub 150g


For smooth, soft and sweet smelling feet. Sundala Health Ayurvedic Foot Scrub gently exfoliates dry skin and fights odour causing bacteria.

Loaded with fragrant medicinal certified organic essential oils, our Ayurvedic Foot Scrub will leave even the most tired and smelly feet feeling refreshed again. Formulated according to Ayurvedic principles by our Naturopath and Herbalist here at Sundala Health, this invigorating natural foot scrub cools the heat of Pitta dosha, helps to reduce swelling associated with Kapha and gently nourishes the dryness of Vata.

A hint of certified organic peppermint oil in Sundala Health Ayurvedic Foot Scrub provides cooling relief, while fragrant antimicrobial essential oils of lemon tea tree and sage fight odour causing bacteria. Natural walnut shell and pumice help to gently slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and smooth. Nourishing organic carrier oils form the base of this natural foot scrub, with organic calendula and apricot oil to treat dry skin.


Gently rub a small amount onto your feet, massaging rough areas of skin. Rinse well and pat dry with a towel. 


Contains a blend of certified organic oils of organic calendula oil, organic apricot oil, Australian jojoba, organic lemon tea tree oil, organic sage oil, organic petitgrain oil, organic grapefruit oil, organic lime oil, organic peppermint oil and organic cedarwood oil with natural pumice, walnut shell, vegetable glycerine and sea salt.

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