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Spiral Foods

Spiral Foods Kanten Agar Agar Flakes 30g


Spiral Foods Kanten Agar Agar Flakes, a vegetarian natural alternative to regular gelatin, is primarily used as an ingredient to make jelly-like desserts and puddings, and as a thickening agent in soups, jams, ice cream and the like.

Agar is sourced from a variety of marine algae, and its gelling properties are considered superior to regular gelatin. Spiral Foods Kanten Agar Agar Flakes are tiny translucent flakes of agar, making it easy to measure out portions, quickly prepare dishes.

Agar is about 80% fibre, making it useful as an intestinal regulator. Agar can also be used as an additive to drinks for those seeking to control their weight. Once ingested, agar triples in size and absorbs water, leading to a feeling of feeling fuller thus reducing the need for further consumption of food or drink.

A fun and safe ingredient for kids to experiment with also, Spiral Foods Kanten Agar Agar Flakes can be mixed with soy, rice, or regular milk to make interesting low fat desserts with fruits added. Agar has no flavour and only a slight aroma, so it's a truly neutral ingredient which can be used in so many ways.

Ingredients: 100% Edible sea vegetable gelatin flakes

Spiral Foods Kanten Agar Agar Flakes are vegan, natural and a versatile alternative to regular gelatin.

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