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Safe-T-Bottle Teats - 3 Pack


Silicone teats designed to reduce colic and to mimic a natural feeding experience. Made from hospital grade, nitrosamine-free silicone. Safe-T-Bottle Baby Bottle Teat Flow 3 Pack

Safe-T-Bottle peristaltic teats are a technologically advanced teat, designed to mimic the most natural feeding experience by working with babies' natural feeding motion; where baby moves the tongue in a wave-like motion to release milk from the nipple or teat. This unique anti colic design works to prevent the sucking in of air. The peristaltic teat is super soft and flexible with an accordion style nipple, to shape itself within your baby's' jaw and promote natural oral development.

Available in three flow speeds - Slow (3-6 months), Medium (6-9 months) and Fast (8-9+ months)

Please note, that age indicators are only approximate as babies develop at different rates. Your baby is likely to be ready for a faster flow rate when they get frustrated trying to suck harder. Also note that the Safe-T-Bottle teats tend to flow slightly faster than some other popular teat brands and can only be used on Safe-T-Bottle glass baby bottles

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