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Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe 725mL



Based on a traditional 1870s recipe, Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe is for lovers of ginger. Deliciously non-alcoholic, but still with a robust flavour and ginger kick, Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe will warm you up on a winter night, and is refreshing on ice or with mineral water in the summer.

The flavour is reminiscent of green ginger wine, and on the label Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe is said to have "the kick of two very angry mules"... oh my! We love this herbal wine for it's versatility: add hot water for a 'hot toddy', mix with sparkly water, some fresh mint and a slice of lemon, serve warm with honey for a sore throat, or drizzle over ice cream - the recipes are endless.

Ginger is a well known medicinal herb for aiding digestion and helping with circulation. In Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe, ginger is combined with elderflowers and cowslip, which add a hint of floral flavour and help with the soothing qualities of this herbal elixir.

Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe is said to be one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in the UK. As the story goes, the original recipe has been handed down from an artisanal herbal blender from the historic town of Rochester, Kent in England. The key to Rochester Ginger Dickensian Recipe is the use of fresh ginger, lots of it, and a traditional recipe that is tried and true.


Water, raw can sugar, water infusion of ginger (14%), raisins, cowslip, elderflower, citric acid, caramel, potassium sorbate.

Gluten Free, suitable for Coeliacs & Vegans.

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Divine flavour to MYO ginger beer
Thank you for your feedback Pete. We love the versatility and kick of Rochester Ginger too. =) M

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