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Pure Food Essentials

Pure Food Essentials Asafoetida Powder 40g Certified Organic


Distinctly fragrant, Pure Food Essentials Asafoetida Powder is one of the first certified organic herbal powders of its kind on the market in Australia. Asafoetida (Ferula asafoetida) is also known as hing or hingu and the name asafoetida gives us a hint as to the smell of this Ayurvedic spice, some would say it is a little 'fetid', however added to foods, it comes to life as a smell similar to leeks.

Asafoetida is used in traditional Ayurvedic Herbal medicine to aid digestion. Often used as a replacement for garlic (and sometimes onions) asafoetida can be used by those with sensitivity to allium foods or those avoiding onions and garlic for religious or spiritual reasons. 

Add Pure Food Essentials Asafoetida Powder to your curries to make a more authentic flavour, with greater depth and digestibility. In Ayurvedic Herbal medicine, asafoetida's best friend is turmeric and is used to reduce wind and vata imbalances, making it an ideal spice to add to your cooking in the cooler months.

Pure Food Essentials Asafoetida Powder comes in a resealable bag, is sourced from organic asafoetida grown in India, and due to the resinous nature of this Ayurvedic herb is combined with certified organic arrowroot starch to prevent clumping of the powder. 

Pure Food Essentials Asafoetida Powder is gluten free, non irradiated, pure organic and certified organic by NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia).

Ingredients: certified organic asafoetida, certified organic arrowroot starch.



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