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Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner


The notion of plant intelligence, language, and self awareness in the Gaian realm is explored in Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realm, an epic volume from Stephen Harrod Buhner, senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies.

Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realm is also a user manual for anyone interested in the techniques and states of perception required for directly interacting with the Gaian System, how to realise the deep patterns in Gaian movements, and understanding the meanings in these patterns.

In Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realm, Buhner shows that deep connections and meaningful communication with all aspects of the living world is inherent in all humans, and it is merely our modern way of life which has created a sense of disconnection to nature and our Mother Earth. He explains and guides us on ways to reconnect, realising our crucial value to the living planet and how to nurture ourselves and our world for our own benefit and the benefit of all life.

Covering areas such as the ecological function of invasive plants, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, psychotropic plants and fungi, and naturally the human species.

Unlike other works in this area, in his book Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realm, Buhner does not preach any dogma at you, or tell you what you should be doing to fix everything. Instead, he urges you to take what you need from his book, ignore what you don't, and make up your own mind what you think you need to at your local level in order to have a meaningful life both personally and for the greater good.

Paperback, 564 pages

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