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Planet Health Qsilica Pro Collagen 30T


For the healthiest hair, skin and nails, you can't go past Qsilica Pro Collagen tablets – one of the very few vegan collagen promoting formulas available in Australia. 

We love Planet Health Qsilica capsules, and now Qsilica Pro Collagen Vegan Tablets contains their signature silica-colloid with added wheat ceramides to promote collagen and a little vitamin C to round out the formula for healthy connective tissue (hair, skin and nails).

So we have looked, and cannot find a vegan vegetarian collagen supplement in Australia, Qsilica Pro Collagen is a great formula, not just for vegans, but for those conscious of the environment and their skin.

The wheat ceramides (trademarked Lipowheat) help to improve your skin hydration and barrier function, meaning that your skin looks and feels better hydrated. Silica is a mineral that plays a big role in formation of healthy connective tissues, and works together with calcium to help with the supportive structures in your body – think bones and teeth here too.

Qsilica Skin Hydration & Appearance Pro Collagen Vegan Tablets are proudly made in Australia, are free from yeast, dairy products, soy and polyethylene glycol. Please note, this is not a gluten free product.

Directions for use: 1 tablet daily with a glass of water. It is suggested that if you are taking this product for the first time, that you take 1 tablet twice daily for the first 12 weeks.

Read our article Introducing Planet Health Qsilica Pro Collagen Vegan Tablets for more information on this product.


Each tablet contains:

Silica Colloidal Anhydrous...70mg, (Equiv. to Silicon)
32.7mg Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)...25mg

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your qualified health practitioner with any questions you may have regarding your health condition.

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