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Sundala Health Natural Neem Oil


Neem oil has many applications and medicinal benefits for hair and skin, it is also known as nimba in Sanskrit. Cold pressed extraction of this neem oil creates the highest quality oil for massage or skin care application.

This neem oil is quite a viscous and dark oil, with a natural earthy smell and is popular for it's antimicrobial qualities. It can be used as a massage oil, for lice and various skin conditions including athlete's foot. The constituent in neem oil that has the antimicrobial and insect repelling qualities is known as Azadirachtin.

Neem oil is naturally antimicrobial and we are told by the growers in India that it requires no insecticides because as a plant it naturally repels insects. Our neem oil is sourced from naturally grown neem, and although it is not organic neem oil this product is grown without pesticides.

The natural viscosity of our natural neem oil is quite thick and it can become almost solid in cooler climates. It also has a rich brownish green colour and a strong earthy smell, and it is said that this strong helps to repel insects.

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