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Nature's Child

Nature's Child Bioliners 200 Liners


Nature's Child Bioliners are GM-free, designed for cloth or disposable nappies, and helps you save money and make nappy changing easier. These highly popular nappy liners help to reduce washing, stop smells, reduce rubbish and save you money.

If you've not used them before, you'll find Nature's Child Bioliners so simple and effective. If your bub has only made a little solid treat, you can just replace the nappy liner and continue with the same nappy, whether cloth or disposable. If you're using cloth nappies, you then only have to wash wet nappies, not dirty ones. Plus, if your nappy liner is only wet, it is able to be washed at least once, effectively doubling the life of your Bio Liner roll, and saving on washing loads of nappies.

Nature's Child Bioliners are both compostable and flushable, so they're great to have on hand at home, and also good for travel (just tear a few off the roll and fold up) Nature's Child Baby Bioliners are made from non-GM Ingeo™ Fibres. This is the world's first man-made fibres from 100% natural and renewable cornstartch resources. Each liner measures 29cm long and 20cm wide. For newborns, you can cut the liner in half and save even more!

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