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Simply and quickly re-order a bottle of your herbal tincture as previously prescribed by our Herbalist here at Sundala Health Centre. We use a range of therapeutic quality organic, natural and wildcrafted herbal liquids to custom build herbal remedies for people who visit our health centre in Lismore.

Add any notes or additional information regarding your remedy into the text box above marked "Notes". In this box you may wish to include the name of your herbal remedy (if you are using more than one), such as "Immune Tonic" or "Hormone Remedy".

Customer Reviews

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Personalised Blended Tinctures by Leonie

Anxiety, Will without Willpower, within the first two days began to dissipate. I couldn't believe how the progress could work so fast. My improvements in health, outlook, energy continued to improve those first 10 days and have stayed at a stable high level over the month. Glorious. Leonie is very talented and her processes are tailored to the individual, as you greatly participate in the choices of ingredients. My experience was not a one off; I have sought her out 3x over 7 years, when life overwhelmed me - each time for different reasons resulting in different tinctures. Same results - Exceptional.

Thanks Tonina, It's always a pleasure to work with you on your life path.


I would like to thank Leonie for the help that she has provided for me. I was referred to her by a friend and have been seeing Leonie for a few years, I am so glad that she was able to see me as she has got my digestive issues under control. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Brilliant product

Since taking these remedies my health and energy have improved immensely πŸ™

I would be lost without Leonie from Sundala Health

I was so grateful to find Leonie, as by the time I spent my first appointment with her I was beside myself and resigning to having no options, toughing things out every day and being just plain miserable. On looking back, I was a mess. My GP gave me options that were just not acceptable, with prescription drugs that had side effects that made me feel totally uncomfortable, that also came with two pages of product description and warnings.
I felt I had nowhere to turn. Then Leonie turned things around for me so quickly, was so engaged and caring and now I am in my 3rd year under Leonie's care and so grateful. I am one very happy customer and a firm believer in everything she has done for me with Naturopathy and the prescription with my Remedy Herbal Tincture and Homeopathy drops, I cannot recommend Leonie enough, I am truly singing her praises. Please don’t hesitate, pick up the phone. I wish I found Leonie sooner. Fiona – Goonellabah NSW

herbal health

I highly recommend herbal remedies from Sundala Health Centre. Definitely helped me to recover from flu symptoms. Thank you.

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