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Mt Retour

Mt Retour Patchouli Certified Organic Essential Oil 10mL


Aphrodisiac, deodorant, and sedative - Mt Retour Certified Organic Patchouli Essential Oil is all these things and a whole lot more.

Patchouli essential oil is extracted by steam distillation and unlike other essential oils, it actually improves with age, changing from light golden to dark amber. It has been used for hundreds of years to protect fabric and clothing from insects and pests and a few drops can be added to your washing water, your vacuum cleaner or just to your body as a natural repellent with no need for toxic chemicals.

Mt Retour Organic Patchouli Essential Oil can help put the spark back into your love life with its hormone stimulating properties that work on both oestrogen and testosterone. It can boost your sex drive to help with frigidity, low libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction as well as balancing the emotions, reducing anxiety and stress and is great for meditation.

As a sedative, Mt Retour Organic Patchouli Essential Oil works well on inflammation, coughs and convulsions by depressing the hyper-reactivity of the body. Having a relaxing effect on both the mind and the body, patchouli essential oil tones up the nervous system to ensure a good night's sleep which helps to improve your overall mood.

Mt Retour Organic Patchouli Essential Oil is certified organic and suitable for use by vegetarians. It blends well with essential oils of Geranium, Bergamot, Myrrh and Lavender.

Caution is advised in using patchouli essential oil as it has a strong aroma that can be irritating or unpleasant to some people.

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