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Sundala Health

Sundala Health Herbal Eye Pillow


This soft, satin eye pillow provides instant calm and fragrant relaxation to soothe tired or sore eyes. Hand made with organic flaxseeds and lavender flowers, the ideal weight to help release tension, headaches or stress. Those with overworked eyes, fatigue, or allergies will love using Sundala Health eye pillows. The satin fabric is cooling while blocking out the light, relieves tension and calms active muscles around the eyes.

Sundala Health eye pillows are a great way to encourage restful sleep after a big stressful day, offering relief for headaches and enhancing peaceful yoga and meditation practices. Soothing, gentle pressure on the forehead, eyes and sinuses also means that these are a real treat for those with sinus issues or headaches.

Organic linseeds, organic lavender flowers, organic chamomile flowers and organic lavender essential oil.

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