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Grow Your Own Medicine by Mim Beim


Over 60 medicinal plants and their properties are presented in Grow Your Own Medicine. Author Mim Beim is author of seven books on food, health, and nutrition. She has been Head of Naturopathy at the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

For thousands of years the medicinal properties and powers of plants have been known and used for all sorts of treatments. In fact many modern supplements and medicines have their origins and basis in plants. Over 60 beneficial plants are described in an easy to read and follow format with “at a glance” tables highlighting the most important aspects.

So whether you have acres of space, or just a few pots on a balcony, this guide shows you how to grow medicinal plants, discover their medicinal properties, and how to prepare and administer them for therapeutic use.

Create a living, organic medicine garden in your own space. Learn about using echinacea to fight colds and flu, using thyme oil as an antiseptic, making ginger compresses to ease cramps, and potato poultices to relieve arthritis, plus lots more including creams, teas, tinctures, compresses.

Paperback, 288 pages

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