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Go Bamboo

Go Bamboo Cotton Buds 200


2012 Winner of the Green Ribbon Awards, Go Bamboo Cotton Buds are made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo and natural cotton. These natural, biodegradable cotton buds are designed to be disposed of in your own compost bin. 

Ideal for your first aid kit, use for application of natural cosmetic or natural baby skin care, Go Bamboo Cotton Buds have many uses around the home.

Considered to be a no waste product, the packaging and the cotton buds are entirely compostable. Doubling as a dispenser the recycled cardboard packaging slides open (like a box of matches) allowing for easy access and dispensing of the cotton buds. 

Why bamboo? Bamboo has no GM varieties, needs no pesticides or fertiliser and does not require large amounts of water. Bamboo also produces approximately 30% more CO2 than trees and grows rapidly.

Naturally BPA free, 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo. Go Bamboo Cotton Buds consist of a sustainable bamboo stick and natural cotton tip.

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