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Fresca Natural Deodorant

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Wooden Spice

Fresca Natural only uses pure oils for blending into their deodorants and is why their fragrances smell so beautiful. You can have peace of mind that what you roll on to your body is not a cocktail of chemicals.

** Limit Stock for on sale items: Expiry Sept 2017 ***

All of the essential oils selected for Fresca Natural deodorants have been carefully chosen to provide skin rejuvenating, moisturising, antifungal and antibacterial qualities as well as their other well known essential oil characteristics.

Fresca Natural deodorant is hand-made from food grade ingredients of purified water, vegetable gum (xanthan gum) and aerated salt (mineral salt) which is then blended with the highest quality essential oils. That's it. You won't read anything else on their labels, there are no hidden chemicals, fillers, parabens or synthetic surprises.
Fresca have spent much time researching the correct balance within their deodorant formula to ensure its performance across a wide range of everyday activities to the extremely active person.

It is body friendly and contains NO aluminium, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO synthetics, NO nasty chemicals, NO artificial fragrances or preservatives.

* all of the Fresca deodorants use a proprietary  blend of essential oils as their base for odour reduction, note that the Unscented deodorant still contains this blend and those with a super sensitive nose will notice this.

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