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Angela Davison

Flower Remedies for Horses, Pets and People by Angela Davison


Angela Davison uses her 30 years of experience working with flower remedies to bring us the book Flower Remedies for Horses, Pets and People.

As a trained Herbalist and one of Australia’s first female jockeys, she has a great love for all animals, especially horses, and has pioneered new non-chemical treatments for illnesses and imbalances. This informative book explains what flower remedies are and how they work.

Also known as 'The Horse Herbalist', Angela teaches us how to recognise the constitutional patterns of humans and animals and identify different remedies for different situations, whether physical or emotional. Flower remedies are inexpensive and can be easily added to feed or water and they work in seconds to relieve stress and move towards a permanent healing change.

Horse Herbalist Angela also teaches us about each of the flower essences, their characteristics and how to apply this information to help horses, pets and people. Flower Remedies for Horses, Pets and People is the product of over 40 years of research and case studies. The book is sure to become a favourite with farmers, animal health practitioners and anyone looking to heal their two or four-legged friends.

Paperback 140 pages

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