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EcoTeas Pure Tulsi Tea Bags


Made from a blend of three varieties of Tulsi, EcoTeas Pure Tulsi Holy Basil tea bags are balanced with the three Ayurvedic doshas, using a blend of organic krishna tulsi, rama tulsi and vana tulsi herb.

The different types of tulsi herb (Occimum sanctum) in EcoTeas Pure Tulsi tea bags help to balance the Ayurvedic constitutions: vana tulsi for vata dosha, krishna tulsi for pitta dosha and rama tulsi for kapha dosha. This means that this tridoshic tea is balancing for all doshas, and does not create imbalance.

Tulsi is a member of the mint family native to southern Asia. Tulsi is a central component in Ayurvedic medicine, revered for its soothing, adaptogenic qualities. Organic Tulsi Tea has a refreshing taste, it may help to support the immune system, help with stress management, energy manufacture and with focus and concentration

Sourced from organic tulsi farms in southern India, EcoTeas Pure Tulsi tea bags are made with 100% certified fair trade ingredients. 2012 winner of the Responsible Packaging Award, EcoTeas Pure Tulsi Holy Basil Tea Bags are made with renewable wood pulp and have no string, they are packed in “eco-wrappers' to keep each one individually fresh and the box is made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

Each packet of EcoTeas Pure Tulsi Holy Basil contains 24 tea bags. Naturally caffeine free. Fair Trade. Certified Organic. Zero Waste Packaging.

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