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EcoSouLife Bamboo Aroma Sip Cup 355mL


This biodegradable, reusable coffee cup, EcoSouLife Bamboo Aroma Sip Cup ticks so many eco-friendly boxes, it is hard to believe it is really possible.

EcoSouLife Bamboo Aroma Sip Cups are designed in Australia and made with entirely biodegradable ingredients. This multi award winning company is also featured in Clean Eating Magazine and Better Nutrition magazine as one of the up and coming environmentally conscious manufacturers of biodegradable products. 

This 12 oz. or 355mL reusable coffee cup, EcoSouLife Bamboo Aroma Sip Cup is designed to degrade within 2 to 3 years (when buried in the ground). Made with 100% plant-based materials, no oil based plastics or melamine, this stylish coffee cup will not only reduce landfill from single use cups, but will also breakdown without harming the environment.

A great alternative to plastic cups and great for those who prefer to not risk breaking a glass coffee cup. The EcoSouLife Bamboo Aroma Sip Cup is reasonably priced, lightweight and comfortable to use.

Product Care

While this product is designed to be biodegradable, it won't actually breakdown in your cupboard or with normal use. It is dishwasher safe, but will clean up nicely by hand washing. Not suitable for microwaves.

This product is made with bio-based bamboo material that will biodegrade when buried in soil or landfill when moisture, heat and microbes will begin the process of breaking down the natural fibres.

Made With

Bamboo powder, PLA resin*, cornstarch, water based colour and water.

* PLA or polylactic acid is one of the most common bioplastics in use today. It is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derivative from renewable resources. It is made when raw materials such as corn, tapioca or sugarcane is fermented to produce lactic acid, which is then polymerised (to make PLA).

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