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Eco Kid

EcoKid Larry Lice Comb


Remove all head lice and their eggs easily with EcoKid Larry Lice Comb, a highly effective but easy to use comb. Remember the old lice combs?

You could hardly get a grip on them let alone drag them through hair! EcoKid Larry Lice Comb has been ergonomically designed and has a long handle for easy use. The high grade stainless steel teeth are long, strong and durable with rounded ends to avoid any harsh scratching of your child's scalp.

Designed to use with EcoKid Lice Bomb, this great little lice comb will spread the oil evenly through short, long or thick hair and remove head lice and eggs at the same time.

EcoKid Larry Lice Comb can also be used daily to keep a check on your child's hair or with other EcoKid products such as EcoKid Prevent Daily Shampoo and EcoKid Daily Tonic Leave-in Conditioner.

EcoKid products are made in Australia and use recyclable packaging.

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