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Down to Earth Birth by Jenny Blyth

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A practical guide to natural birth, a most valuable resource for parents-to-be, everything from birth preparation to labour & birthing information to practical care and guidance after birth.

The Down to Earth Birth Book is a practical guide to natural birth in any setting, promoting self-nurturing, responsibility and awareness to help create a conscious birth and parenting experience. This is a ‘grass roots’ book that celebrates the innate intelligence of mind, body and spirit in relation to birth.

It is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink, and beautifully presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly A4 format. Diagrams, illustrations, and over 90 colour and black and white photos accompany the text.

This is a valuable resource for parents-to-be, their families, support people, and all other kinds of birthworkers. ‘The Down to Earth Birth Book’ is a book to return to time and again for information on birth preparation; as an in-the-moment birth guide; and as a reference for after the birth.


  • Healthy Pregnancy and Birth Preparation - Nourish Yourself and Your Baby, Body Awareness, Final Preparation
  • Natural Birth
  • After Birth Care - In the Beginning, More on Mother Care, More on Breastfeeding, More on Baby Care
  • Growing Love
  • Extras - records (pregnancy, labour, birth), important information and contacts and recommended reading.

About the Author

Jenny Blyth has been working with natural birth for over 25 years, supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early parenting in SE Queensland, Australia.  She is endlessly inspired by the mothers she serves, and by ongoing studies in bodywork, somatic psychotherapy, and Buddhist philosophy & psychology.

In 1992 Jenny co-founded 'Angels' – a wholistic birth & parenting support group that continues today, and in 1994  initiated  the annual 'Women's Dreaming Camp' – designed to cultivate joy and self-expression through combining eco and adventure therapy with performance and creative art.

For the last 5 years Jenny has facilitated Birthwork Workshops, committed to the evolution of knowledge about natural birth and working with birth, and promoting the reality of peaceful and compassionate birth through growing self-awareness & skills.

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