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Dirt! The Movie DVD


If you think that dirt is something we can take for granted, Dirt! The Movie will open your eyes to how truly unappreciated and necessary it actually is.

Dirt! The Movie has won several awards including 'Best Film for our Future' in 2009 and explores the necessity of soil for all human life and how we are endangering this vital resource with our destructive agricultural and mining practices and our all-encompassing urbanisation resulting in drought and global warming.

We need to realise how our quest for the almighty dollar is endangering the very future we are seeking. Killing off the soil with poisons, pollution and erosion is happening world wide at an alarming rate and we can't just go to the shop and buy some more!

Dirt gives back, but only if we nurture it. Dirt! The Movie tells the stories of people who are fighting back with sustainable farming practices, biological diversity, tree planting and most importantly, teaching horticultural programs in schools so we grow up being aware of the extreme importance of our most valuable asset.

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