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Cinderella Toilet Cleaner 500mL


The only thing that could make Cinderella Toilet Cleaner better would be if Cinderella herself came with it! But don't let that stop you using it.

This eco-friendly natural toilet cleaner is easy to use on the outside of your toilet as well as the inside, just spray around the bowl and flush, then spray on the outside and wipe off – you don't even need gloves! This natural toilet cleaner gets rid of the calcium build-up too and the delightful spearmint scent will leave your toilet smelling fresh.

Made in Australia from plant based ingredients, Cinderella Toilet Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals, phosphates or ammonia and the low irritant formula is biodegradable making it safe for your family and pets as well as the environment. No more chemicals down the drain and no more synthetic fragrance in the air!

Choosing to use Cinderella Toilet Cleaner won't be a dilemma either as there are no GMO ingredients and it is vegan friendly, so you can be sure there are no animal products used and no animal testing.

Ingredients: <5%nonionic surfactants, <5%amphoteric surfactants, <7% natural acids, preservative

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