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Bass Brushes Bamboo Wood Hair Comb


Made from natural sustainable sources, Bass Brushes Bamboo Wood Hair Comb is available in three sizes, for every natural hair care need.

Entirely plastic free, a bamboo comb will not create static in your hair or scratch your scalp. A natural wood comb is much gentler on your hair and your scalp, in fact, once you have used a natural bamboo comb, you will not want to use a plastic comb again.

Suitable for wet or dry hair, Bass Brushes Bamboo combs are non melting - so suitable for use with hot blow dryers.

Why is bamboo used for hair hair combs? Bamboo is considered to be one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Bamboo tends to grow quite rapidly, and yields approximately 25% more wood than timber, making it ideal for harvest for eco-friendly products like these Bass Brushes Bamboo Wood Hair Combs.

Select from three types of Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Combs: Pocket Size Fine, Medium Wide Tooth or Long Fine & Wide.

Please note, as these combs are made from natural bamboo, there will be variations with the colours of the wood, some are striped, others are plain. Each wood comb will have a unique colour and may differ from the pictures shown.

Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Comb Pocket Size Fine

Dimensions: 12cm x 3cm

The perfect back pocket natural wood comb, this natural bamboo comb is ideal for travelling in pockets, purses or gym bags. Also a great comb for children or for those who like to maintain their 60s rocker hairdo.

Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Comb Medium Wide Tooth

Dimensions: 15cm x 6.5cm

Great for detangling your hair after washing or for curly hair. This wide tooth bamboo comb is perfect for those with curly hair or really long hair that tends to knot. This is also a good comb for distributing conditioner or styling products through your hair.

Bass Brushes Bamboo Hair Comb Long Fine & Wide

Dimensions: 18.5cm x 4cm

A multipurpose comb, excellent for all hair types. This long comb has both wide teeth and fine teeth, making it suitable for removing tangles and knots from your hair or smoothing out fine hair. This long bamboo comb is ideal for men with beards, use the wide teeth to comb through and neaten up your man beard.


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