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Amazing Oils

Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel 60mL Roll-On


In a convenient roll-on, Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel is easy to apply and excellent for travelling. With a slightly thicker base than their magnesium oil on it's own. This Magnesium Chloride gel roll-on is suitable for those with sensitive skin, prefer the convenience of a roll-on or wish to use the magnesium gel as a deodorant.

Made with pure magnesium chloride sourced from Australian salt lakes, with a little xanthum gel as a thickening agent, this natural magnesium gel is an excellent way to improve magnesium levels in the body. Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel is odourless, non-oily and suitable for those with sensitive skin

To apply Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel, simply apply to the lower back, behind the knees or the tops of the feet approximately 20 minutes before bed. The convenient roll-on applicator makes this this ideal for travelling or to pop into your gym bag.

Read our article Using Transdermal Magnesium for more information on using magnesium gel.


Organically certified magnesium chloride, organically certified xanthum gum.

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