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ADD/ADHD Drug Free by Jacobelli & Watson


Written as an interactive book, ADD/ADHD Drug Free by Frank Jacobelli and Lynn Ann Watson is designed to help you teach those with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) new skills to effectively cope with their behaviour without resorting to drugs.

In the past, ADD/ADHD has been treated with the drugs Ritalin and Cylert and although these drugs have helped many children, they can also come with side effects such as weight loss and insomnia. Other common side effects include nausea, stomach pain, headache and irritability. In their book ADD/ADHD Drug Free by Jacobelli & Watson discuss natural alternatives to these drugs for parents and health professionals dealing with ADD or ADHD, without side effects.

Mental Health Clinician Frank Jacobelli and Special Educator Lynn Ann Watson have combined more than 40 years of experience providing direct services to children with frontal lobe problems to bring you this natural alternative to chemical treatment.

Also included in the back of this book are sections dedicated to practical ways of helping children to developing coping strategies; including Bodily-Kinesthetic activities, Interpersonal activities and Visual-Spacial activities.

ADD/ADHD Drug Free gives you practical activities to improve learning and strengthen brain function, helping your child become more focused and better able to cope with their disorder without medication. The activities exercise the frontal lobe to help channel energy towards good behaviour and includes simple techniques for consistent rules and routines and advice on nutrition.

Paperback, 200pages

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