79 Keen St Lismore NSW

What's With The Rainbow Sundala?

Rainbows mean different things for everyone and here at Sundala Health Centre in Lismore, we currently have a big one in our front window.

With our creative juices flowing, last month we set about making a rainbow display in the front window of our store. A few hundred hand cut hearts and some time and patience later and some of you may have noticed a colourful display from across the street.

Sundala Health Centre Lismore

Rainbows in many different cultures, curiously have similar meanings and the more that we researched the meaning of rainbows, the more we understood how our little hand-made symbolic gesture in Lismore was a little more than we anticipated.

Scientists explain the appearance of rainbows in terms of light refraction and reflection, but it is the energy and beauty of rainbows that inspired our creativity. Many people would have seen a rainbow forming after a downpour of rain, only offering their beauty for a moment. That moment when we see a rainbow naturally formed gives a glimmer of life, hope and beauty and our rainbow at Sundala was inspired by the hope that was shown by the community of Lismore and surrounds following the big rains this year.

We have called our rainbow of hearts: "After The Rain"... it's made of hearts.


"Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities so we never forget that pain and grief are not the final options in life."


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