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The Horstmann Technique

The Horstmann Technique is a simple, non-invasive bodywork therapy that releases physical, emotional and mental blockages. In use throughout the world, the technique was developed and clinically tested by Australian natural therapist and intuitive, Trish Trowbridge. It draws on the theory that old traumas and negative experiences lodge in the cellular memory of the body – particularly in the sacrum, shoulders and feet. These energy blocks can cause postural misalignment, imbalances in biochemistry and behavioural responses as well as disharmony in the body’s subtle energy system. These conditions can predispose us to further illness and accidents. The Horstmann Technique

How does the Horstmann Technique work?                                                    

The Horstmann Technique consists of a series of release processes, each involving the practitioner holding specific points on the clients’ clothed body whilst, at the same time, gently manoeuvring the supported arm or leg, searching for muscle holding patterns.

Although the Horstmann Technique is simple, gentle and subtle, it can bring about rapid results, sometimes after only on e session. Marked healing and transformation is not uncommon following a series or treatments.

What can it do for you?

Physically the technique improves joint and muscle flexibility, back pain and hip misalignment. At the emotional level, old patterns can be broken and new behaviours formed. With blockages being released, remarkable change can occur. The nature and depth of release is in the clients hands.

Which release process do you need?

Horstmann Ileosacral Release

The Ileosacral release is the primary process for treating lower back pain and stiffness. It realigns tendons and ligaments of the hip area. It is an effective therapy that often produces positive results for structural problems and energy blocked in the lower back and sacrum. It frequently gives immediate pain relief.

This potent process is ideal for treating symptoms relating to unacknowledged stresses located in the sacral area with clients often reporting an increased sense of wellbeing and calmness.

Horstmann Arm & Shoulder Release

The Arm and Shoulder Release technique helps relieve common pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints of the shoulder girdle. It is especially good for releasing structurally based headaches and general tension in the neck and shoulder areas. Other symptoms such as upper back, muscle spasm or misalignment of the vertebrae, ricked neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and RSI can be successfully treated.

Horstmann Foot Release

The Foot Release technique is a unique, simple and effective approach for releasing blocked energy patterns in the structural, vascular, muscular, nerve and meridian systems. Most generally used in combination with other Horstmann Techniques.


Regular massage can provide us with a means to be able to take time out and relax and to unwind from the demands from work and domestic pressures, without the use of stimulants. For many of us stiffness and pain are a way of life that we have become accustomed to and its often not until we receive massage that we find out how much of our energy is consumed by tension. Massage has proven to release muscular and mental tension, improve general health, reduce stress and can leave you feeling relaxed and energised.

Horstmann Self-Sabotage Release

This process is one of the finer vibrations of Horstmann. The Self-Sabotage technique addresses emotional and psychological patterns that can form in early years and sabotage our lives as adults, hence preventing us from achieving our goals and aspirations.

These patterns help unconsciously in our body tissues as cellular memories, can be released through this simple, yet powerful process. This is especially indicated for anyone with lower back pain or sciatica. Many clients report that they deal with particular issues or people in their life in a more satisfactory way and feel a clarity that they didn’t have before. This release is credited with facilitating life-changing experiences for many people.

Nev Shoeman is a Horstmann Technique practitioner working from the Green Room at Sundala Health Centre. For further information regarding this natural treatment therapy or to book in for an appointment with Nev phone 0478 070 566.

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