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Naturopathic Clinic

Wholistic principles

At Sundala Health Naturopathic Clinic in Lismore, our principal Naturopath Leonie has over a decade of experience working with health and healing practices. Leonie studied both Western Naturopathy and Eastern (Ayurveda) Naturopathy at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine in WA. She has a passion for herbs and nutrition and believes that the path to health and vitality can be simple and achievable. Drawing her knowledge from academic studies and practical experiences, Leonie’s down-to-earth approach to treatments encourages self empowerment and independent health.

Naturopath Leonie in Clinic

Naturopathic Consultation

Consultations with our naturopath Leonie in our health centre in Lismore can be made via phone call or, we encourage you to drop by the centre to have a quick chat about your health concerns before your appointment. Consultations in our naturopathic clinic can take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and you should anticipate being asked questions about everything from what you eat to how you sleep; this information enables our Naturopath to form a clear picture of your whole health in order to properly guide you through your treatment therapy.

Outcome based therapy

Achievable goal setting and outcome based therapies feature strongly in consultation, as does simplicity and practicality. Leonie has a particular passion for hormonal imbalances, menopause and digestive complaints. Whole health treatments can incorporate allergy testing, salivary hormone testing, electro dermal screening or iridology.

At Sundala Health, we provide a holistic service to everyone who visits us, we aim to help self education and empowerment through knowledge and encourage people to take responsibility for their own health by understanding their own personal requirements.

Naturopathic consultations can be booked online here, or contact our clinic for more information.

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