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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a gentle and rejuvenating style of Hawaiian massage that has been carefully and respectfully passed down through the generations and a lineage to ensure that it has remained unchanged from its ancient origins. Treating the mind, body and spirit Lomi Lomi massage is uniquely different to many other massage and wellness modalities as touch, rhythm and ancient wisdom come together to encourage relaxation and healing.

Rod May is an intuitive practitioner specialising in traditional, old style Lomi Lomi massage. He is currently based in our Green Room massage room at Sundala Health Centre on Thursdays and Fridays and can be contacted directly to arrange a booking for Lomi Lomi massage.

Lomi Lomi massage with Rod May

During a traditional one and a half hour treatment with Rod from Sacred Hands Holistic Healing, you can expect the majority of your body to be worked on including the back, neck and shoulders, the front of the body, legs, arms, hands, feet, head and face. The continuous long flowing strokes and rhythmic patterns of this experience encourage stillness of the mind and a total state of relaxation while working on the body’s meridians and energy points. This helps to release any energetic blocks - emotional, physical or mental, allowing the body’s own healing process to take over.

Lomi Lomi massage may help with:

* Improving circulation
* Lymphatic drainage & cleansing
* Releasing soft & deep tissue
* Rejuvenating vital organs
* Detoxifying the body
* Pain relief
* Relaxation
* Stress & tension release
* Emotional healing
* Instilling a sense of peace, harmony & well being

Lomi Lomi Massage Prices

Neck and shoulder massage - 30 minutes $40

Back massage - 30 minutes $40

Trigger Point Massage - 45 minutes $60

  • Releases knots
  • Helps relax tired & sore muscles
  • Helps ease joints

Lomi Lomi Massage - 60 minutes $80

Lomi Lomi Massage - 90 minutes $90

Lomi Lomi & Trigger Point Massage - 2 hours $130


Phone Rod directly to book your appointment for Lomi Lomi massage at Sundala Health Centre.


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