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Artwork at Sundala Health

Creative activity has been recognised to have beneficial effects on health and the quality of life. Beauty and art are part of our nature and healing. At Sundala Health Centre we are proud to display artwork from some of the most talented artists in the Northern Rivers NSW - our space may be small, but we always have room for quality, beauty and art.


Artist Lorraine Brown

Artist Lorraine Brown

Lorraine’s works are about embodying the sacred Goddess energy within. Honouring and using this life-force of the New Earth Creation in this modern era. A rainbow of society. A nurturing, loving, abundant, peaceful, vibrant and sustainable Earth. Gifted by being in service to the planet and the self as truthful as possible. 

Lorraine grew up in an Aboriginal community with amazing matriarchal role models who lived in a time of rapid change. Through a tribal life transitioning to a more modern semi-urban structure. Such women were midwives, mother, healers, teachers, activists and artists. Inspired by their courage her first public speech was at the age of 17 in front of 50 000 people at the first International Women’s Day Sydney. Lorraine enjoyed her childhood with her siblings, extended family and nature. At times home was literally under the stars. The stars generally symbolise love, hope, grounding, direction, beauty, light and belonging.

Visit our health centre in Lismore to view our collection of artwork from local artist Lorraine Brown. A few of the pieces on display at Sundala Health Centre include  “Walking in the Yod” , which also translates to walking in the light or the beam, Lorraine's "Lunar Eclipse Over the Sacred Lagoon" was a finalist in the 2013 NSW Parliament House Indigenous Arts Prize and the luminescent "Transformation" is the newest addition to our walls at Sundala Health. 

 View artwork by Lorraine Brown.



“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be executed, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.” Herophilos - 300 B.C


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