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Defining a 'Natural Insect Repellent'

Any style of natural insect repellent is regulated by the APVMA & claims to repel, destroy or inhibit bugs or biting critters are subject to their guidelines.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is a government body established to centralise the registration of all agricultural and veterinary chemical products on the Australian market. According to the APVMA, an ‘agricultural chemical product’ includes any substance or organism used to destroy, stupefy, repel, inhibit the feeding of, or prevent pests on plants or other things, including us humans. This means for any manufacturer of a product that makes claim to any of these properties,natural or otherwise is required to register their product with the APVMA before they can make statements like: ‘Contains natural botanical extracts to help repel biting insects’. Registration of a product with the APVMA is a lengthy and costly process, taking several years and potentially 100s of thousands of dollars.

The outcome of this crack-down by the APVMA has meant that many manufacturers of 'natural insect repellents' have simply chosen to take their product off the market. However, there have been a handful of manufacturers that have taken the ‘mozzie by the proboscis’ (so to speak) and have simply chosen to re-label their products to avoid making any claims to ‘repel insects’. You will find in our store, a range of natural products using essential oils and other natural ingredients that have a history of use with repelling biting insects, but do not make any claims to this effect.

We choose to support these Australian manufacturers of 'natural outdoor protection' products, no matter how creatively they have to market their products.

Phew, glad we got that one cleared up!

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