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ALPS Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if our ALPS Water Filter cartridges are compatible with your filter? Having trouble replacing your water filter? Here we have compiled some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our ALPS Water Filter.

Will the ALPS filters fit my Nikken PiMag water filter?

Possibly our most common question regarding this filter, and one that we can only answer with our own experience here. We have sold many ALPS filter cartridges to owners of Nikken PiMag water filters over the last few years and our observation is that the ALPS filter cartridges are compatible with the older style Nikken PiMag filters. However, we understand that there are a few different styles of Nikken PiMag filters, so we suggest having a good look at the images of our ALPS water filter to see if your water filter is the same style as those in our pictures.

Can I return the ALPS filter cartridges if they do not fit my water filter?

As with all purchases through our store, you are welcome to return your purchases to us within 14 days. The items that you return must be in their original packaging, unopened and in saleable condition. We suggest that when you receive your replacement water filter cartridges you compare these to your existing water filters before your remove any outer packaging.

Common issues with setting up the ALPS Water Filter:

The lower tap is dripping

Sometimes when attaching the tap fitting to the lower the chamber you may experience dripping water from the area where the tap meets with the chamber. We suggest carefully adjusting the silicone ring that sits between the tap and the chamber - the connection with these parts should be snug fitting, no additional pressure or force is require to get these components in place - once you have these in the correct position there should be no leakage.

The water is filtering very slowly through the filters

There can be a few different reasons for the water to be filtering through slowly, we suggest following these directions to remedy this issue:

  • Firstly, ensure that you have soaked the ceramic dome filter and the filter cartridge in water for the time suggested by the manufacturer. Doing this helps to prepare the filters for use in your water filter.
  • To increase the filtering capacity of the ceramic dome filter, you can gently abrade the surface of the filter with a clean kitchen scourer. Use circular movements to remove just a fine layer from the surface of the ceramic dome filter, rinse off and and then replace the ceramic filter into your unit.
  • After soaking the multi-level filter cartridge in water, run the filter under water to remove any air pockets. You may also wish to shake or agitate the cartridge a little to enhance this process of removing air pockets from the filter.


How often do I need to change the filter?

Regular maintenance of your water filter will ensure that you always have good quality drinking water. Depending on the quality of the water you are filtering, you should replace the:

  • ceramic dome filter every 6-9 months
  • Filter cartridge every 6-9 months
  • Mineral stones every 12-18 months 
  • Tap fitting every 12-18 months

If you do have any further questions regarding our ALPS water filter please contact our health centre and we will do our best to answer your queries.




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