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Shower & Bath

Gone are the days of harsh chemical soaps and drying cleansers, our range of natural and organic skin cleansers will have your skin feeling refreshed, clean and wonderfully fragrant. Our soap bars contain only natural ingredients plus essential oils and botanical extracts to cleanse and purify your skin. For those who prefer a body wash or shower gel, our liquid soaps and castile soaps will provide you with a nice foamy lather in the shower without sulphates or chemical fragrances and ingredients. Browse our range of great natural soaps and cleansers online, or visit us at our health store Lismore NSW to view our full range.

Natural Body Scrubs & Body Brushes

Body scrubs, exfoliants & body brushes are an invigorating way to encourage healthy, glowing skin - perfect for improving dull skin and to prep for self tanner. Included as part of a regular weekly beauty routine, body scrubs can help to loosen dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Natural exfoliants (aka scrubs) are excellent to get the circulation going in the winter months, especially if you have some dry skin. In the warmer months, an organic exfoliant helps to prepare your skin for proper hydration with your natural moisturiser or a natural self tanner. In our men's skin care range we also have scrubs that are designed specifically for men, many of these men's natural body scrubs are suitable for use on the face and help to prepare your skin for shaving.

Our natural bristle body brushes are designed to encourage better circulation, lymphatic flow and improve the condition of your skin. Dry skin brushing is an great way to improve overall health and encourage detoxification.

Natural Bath Salts & Bubble Bath

For relaxation, nothing beats an indulgent bath tub soak - browse our range of natural & organic bath salts, bath oils and bubble bath (for big & little kids). Sometimes it is the simplest things that can help you to feel re-energised and recharged and you need not pay for an expensive spa treatment ... although that would be nice too. Imagine yourself taking a nice relax in your bath tub at home with no phone and  no kids, enjoying the delicate fragrance of organic essential oils from your natural bath salts or natural bath oil.  Is it bath time yet?

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