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Supplement Consolidation


60 minutes

Bring some clarity and focus to your supplement regime with Sundala Health Supplement Consolidation. This service is designed for people using more than ten supplements, including herbal, nutritional and natural remedies.

With a wealth of easy-to-access knowledge and information at our fingertips, many people are self-prescribing or buying supplements from numerous different sources. We understand, we've been there too. 

This service is designed to take the stress out of supplementing and simplify existing supplement regimes. This comprehensive service will allow you to make best use of your supplements, we will cherry-pick your most valuable supplements, with the aim to reduce your overall spend on supplements, with maximum health benefits.

You will be asked to provide information on your existing supplements, reason for use, dosage and duration of use.  You will receive a comprehensive report on your existing supplements. Our goal is to consolidate your existing supplements down to 3-4 quality products, however, we understand that each person has their individual health requirements.

Included with this service is a 60 minute zoom consultation to discuss your Supplement Consolidation suggestions. Please select an appointment time at least one week after purchasing this service to allow us adequate time to provide you with a comprehensive review of your supplements.

**Please note, this service is for natural medicines, herbal and nutritional medicines only, NOT for pharmaceutical or prescription medicines.

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