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Sundala Perfume

Inspired entirely by Mother Nature, our collection of natural perfumes are plant based and non-toxic. Our signature blends of natural perfumes are made with essential oils and plant resins.

Imagine a natural perfume with the complexity of a commercial perfume, but without the petrochemicals and artificial ingredients. This is what we have created with our range of natural perfumes. More complex than traditional aromatherapy blends, natural perfumes have many layers and a depth that you can stride into. 

Our natural perfumes use Australian jojoba as a base and carrier, this simple ingredient is neutral and allows the natural beauty of the essential oils and plant resins to shine through. Our natural perfumes are unique formulations developed by our in-house Naturopath in Lismore. Each formulation is made in micro-batches, allowing for freshness and vibrancy of aromas.

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