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Green Nutritionals

Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods Powder



Packed full of the best quality green superfoods around, Green Nutritionals GreenSuperfood can be considered one of your best natural multimineral supplements.

Green Nutritionals GreenSuperfood powder is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and delivers a load of positive health and vitality benefits including:

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Better digestive health

  • Deliver high potency nutrients to your body

  • Assist with weight loss and maintaining healthy weight

  • Improve digestion and get rid of that sluggish feeling

  • Contains 45% easily digestible protein – the best source of nutritional energy

  • Antioxidants help reduce impact of ageing

  • Protects against a variety of illnesses and diseases


Hawaiian spirulina 25%, yaeyama chlorella 25%, organic Australian barleygrass 25%, organic Australian alfalfa 15%, organic Icelandic lithothamnium calcareum (marine plant minerals) 10%.

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