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BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam 500g

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Based on an ancient Ayurvedic formulation, BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam is a traditional herbal preparation for health and rejuvenation.

BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam contains 40% amla berry, plus a traditional Ayurvedic blend of 34 herbs and spices in a base of Ayurvedic sugar, sesame oil, ghee and honey. It has a sticky, tar-like consistency and a sweet, sour and slightly spicy taste. BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam is suitable for all ages and in India, chyawanprash is used as a daily herbal supplement to help with immunity, strengthening the digestive system and overall health. 

Chyawanprash was first documented in Charaka Samhita, the ancient text on Ayurvedic medicine. This traditional Ayurvedic herbal preparation is made according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda and the main ingredient is Indian Gooseberry or Amla. Amla (Emblica officinalis) is renowned as a tonic and antioxidant herb, rich in natural vitamin C.

Many of the other herbal ingredients in BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam are unfamiliar in Western Herbal medicine. This unique combination of herbal ingredients is best described as an ancient multivitamin supplement and can be used during the winter months to boost the immune system. Chyawanprash is also reputed to be beneficial for coughs, help with stress, keeps skin healthy and enhances sexual prowess - what can it not do? Essentially this herbal jam is a multi-health tonic, that is both enjoyable to use and warming and soothing to digestion.

While there may be many different brands of chyawanprash on the market, we have found the BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam most authentic in its ingredients and genuine in it's traditional methods of manufacture.


Dosage for Chyawanprash is one teaspoon in warm milk or water after meals, once to twice per day. You can also 'dose' directly from the jar, straight into your mouth - but remember to use a clean spoon and make sure no-one is watching.


Amla, Ayurvedically-prepared Cane Sugar, Sesame Oil, Ghee, Raw Honey, Indian Arrowroot, Long Pepper, Himalayan Fritillary, Cinnamon, Indian Bay Leaf, Cardamom, Cobra’s Saffron, Malabar Nut, Bidarikand, Haritaki, Guduchi, Indrayan, Hog Weed, Pushkarmoola, Grape Vine, Holostemma creeper, Stone Breaker Plant, Solomons Seal, Pistachio Tree, Green Gram, Cowpea, False Pickerelweed, Nutgrass, Country Mallow, Small Caltrops, Brinjal, Wild Brinjal, Tick Clover, Creek Premna, Yellow Snake Tree, Kashmir Tree, Indian Trumpet Plant, Bael Fruit, Moovila.


BioVeda Chyawanprash Yogi Jam is not suitable for those with diabetes. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your qualified health practitioner with any questions you may have regarding your health condition.

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