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Homeopathy & Flower Essences

Richard Gerber in his pivotal text Vibrational Medicine suggests that our energetic body plays a major role in maintaining our health. Energy disturbances in the etheric body are said to precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organisation and growth.

Homeopathic remedies and flower essences provide support for the body to help with healing itself and to help maintain equilibrium. Unlike conventional medicine, these natural remedies help to promote healing on a vibrational level, and as Gerber suggests, even before disease is manifest.

Our selection of homeopathic pillules are suitable for the home prescriber. We also stock a range of Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bach Flower remedies to help guide you through life’s challenges. Our ever popular arnica creams and Signature Range spritzers are an excellent way to promote a healthy mind and body.

Please note that our custom made homeopathic remedies and flower essences are available only through our Herbalist and Naturopath in Lismore - please contact us to make an appointment in our Naturopathic clinic. For existing clients of our health centre, please select "My Remedy" to order a repeat of your previous remedy.

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