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LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container 235mL




Ideal for snacks and leftovers, LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container 235mL will keep your food warm for hours - ideal for travel, work or school.

One of the newest thermal containers in the LunchBots range, this 235mL food container has an entirely stainless steel interior - so your food is never in contact with plastic. With their trademark HotBot triple insulation, LunchBots insulated food containers are purpose built for keeping you food warm for up to 5 hours.

The wide mouth of this LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container makes it easy to access your food. We think it is more of a multi-purpose food and drink container: think miso soup or vegetable broth, tom yum soup or home made porridge. Also great for keeping your tea warm for a long trip. 

How long your food stays warm (or cold) will depend on the original temperature of your food, the temperature of the container and ambient temperature. We suggest for best results with warm food that you fill the container with boiling water for a couple of minutes before packing with food. For cold food, chill your LunchBots Thermal Food Container for a few minutes in your freezer before packing with food.

Care Instructions

You can hand wash your LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container 235mL in warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can wash your LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container in your dishwasher*.

Do not use in microwave.

Clean promptly after each use to preserve the condition of your container and also to prevent mould formation or food spoilage.

* Please note, that although the packaging states that this item is handwash only, LunchBots hae informed us that their newer designs of Insulated Food Containers are indeed diswasher safe.


LunchBots Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container holding capacity 235mL, total weight is 270g. Dimensions: H: 110mm W: 85mm

Main components made from 18/8 stainless steel. Silicone rubber seal and polypropylene lid. No plastic touches your food.

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