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ALPS Water Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge



Replacement filter for ALPS water filtration system - six stage filtration including silver activated carbon, zeolite and far infrared ceramic.

ALPS Replacement Filter Cartridge - six stage filtration including the following elements:

1. Silver Activated Carbon (1st layer of cartridge): Carbon adsorbs chemicals and traps dirt, rust, silt, chemicals and chlorine.

2. Zeolite (2nd layer of cartridge): Zeolite softens water and has a strong affinity for heavy metals and adsorption of harmful elements, including fluoride.

3. Silica Sand (3rd layer of cartridge): Silica promotes healthy bone, connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer's disease and keeps water cool and fresh.

4. Mineral Sand (4th layer of cartridge): Mineral sand replenishes minerals lost during the purification process.

5. Ion Exchange Resin (5th layer of cartridge): This process traps fluoride atoms and neutralises them.

6. Far Infra-Red Ceramic Balls (6th layer of cartridge): These help to soften filtered water and raise the pH level to around 7.5 - 8.0.his is to fit our ALPS Water Filtration system, change this filter every 6-9 months depending on the quality of water being filtered.

For more information, read our article Comparing Nikken PiMag Filter and ALPS Water Filter.

For answers to some common questions regarding our ALPS water filter, visit our page: ALPS Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Excellent service and product

Absolutely Great

After checking that all the parts were perfectly adaptable I felt elated to find that we no longer had to worry about parts as nikken no longer has suppliers in Australia. Not only are most of these parts the same, the main filter looks to be substantially better. Time will tell. I have some interesting notes after more than 10 years between The GOLD Coast and now the hinterland near Perth. Thank you for your sterling service
Ray Davis.

Thank you for your feedback Ray. We look forward to hearing from you again soon. =)
No instructions for items

Thought it would have been helpful to receive instructions re cleaning cylinder filter by running water through it. This helped enormously once I did this after calling your business for assistance.
Found relaxing tea sample very good'. Maybe interested in purchasing more.

Thank you for your feedback Janine. We will include instructions for preparing the water filter cartridge with each box from now on and I am are glad you liked the herbal tea. Regards Leonie
ALPS Replacement Filter Cartridge

Product is compatible with NIKKEN. Thank you.

Great customer service

The filter I purchased was not for me and therefore I am unsure of it's workings - yet my experience with the staff at Sundala Health was awesome. She was totally personal, friendly and extremely helpful.

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