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Ecobud Little Penguin Glass Water Filter Bottle 500mL


Fresh, clean, pure water from Ecobud Little Penguin Glass Water Filter Bottle. How excellent to be able to fill your glass, reusable water bottle from any tap and know that all impurities are removed, you're helping reduce bottled water plastic waste, and you're not drinking water that's had plastics leaching into it.

The smart design of this Ecobud Little Penguin Glass Water Filter Bottle bottle makes it easy and ergonomic to hold and use, and with a snugly fitting non-slip silicone sleeve your glass bottle is protected from drops and knocks.

Little Penguin filters use a 4 stage filtration process with the first layer being a PPF membrane which filters out small particles like sand, rust, and oil. Next is a Silver Activated Carbon filter – this actually binds onto any contaminants and prevents them passing through, the carbon media removes any unpleasant tastes and odour producing chemicals like chlorine. Your water then passes through a Calcium Ionised Clay media, helping to raise the alkalinity of the water to a healthy 8.0 – 8.5. Finally, another PPF filter ensures that any residual particles are definitely removed.

Being totally BPA, BPS and Phthalate free, Ecobud Little Penguin Glass Water Filter Bottles are made of resilient glass, this water bottle provides as pure a water on the go as you can find.

Replacement filters also available, it is suggested to replace the filter every two months.

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