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Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy, as it sounds incorporates the use of concentrated plant extracts, these are generally in the form of liquid extracts, or essential oils and compressed herbs that are used to produce natural aromas.

Our selection of essential oils are predominantly therapeutic grade certified organic essential oils. Choose from our range of straight essential oils, essential oil blends, massage oils and skin care products with essential oils for their therapeutic value and wonderful aroma. Our aromatherapy diffusers are a great way to disperse your favourite essential oil at home or in your workspace and our natural herbal incense is suitable for even the most sensitive noses.

Smell has a large bearing on our emotional health, a single smell can take us back to a moment in childhood, an experience or a memory. The olfactory system has a close connection to the nervous system, which is why scents or aromas can have numerous effects on our health.

Natural essential oils are very different to the synthetic fragrances or commercial perfumes. Essential oils contain the full range of constituents present in the original plant material that was used to extract the oil and it is this complex structure that benefits health and well being and creates such strong effect with aromatherapy.

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