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Which Zuii Organic Products Are Vegan?

Posted on 28 December 2016 by Marie Hunter

We love the Zuii Organic range of flora make-up, they are Australian made, contain certified organic ingredients and are just lovely to use. This article looks at identifying which of the Zuii Organic Skin Care products are entirely vegan.

As we don't stock the absolute fullest range of Zuii Organic products, the following list of their vegan products is based on what we keep in stock.

Zuii Organic Products

Zuii Organic Vegan Eyeshadow

Yes, we have started with the most colourful stuff. Zuii has a great range of eye-shadows to suit every palette, in fact nearly all are vegan, including: Vanilla Frost, Fudge, Bronze, Brownie, Rich Gold, Flame, Mustard, Tawney, Sunflower, Chestnut, Raisin, Apple, Forrest, Moss, Jade, Slate, Black Diamond, White Diamond, Grape, Purple Ice, Blossom, Mermaid, Blue Suede and Sapphire eyeshadow.

Zuii Organic Vegan Flora Foundation

Zuii Organic Flora Foundation is a pressed powder foundation with great coverage and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The whole range of Zuii Organic Flora Foundations are vegan, including: Earth, Macadamia, Almond, Hazelnut, Pecan, Peanut & Cashew foundation.

Zuii Organic Vegan Blush

Only one of the Zuii Organic Flora Blush is vegan: Nector.

Zuii Organic Vegan Flora Liquid Foundation

One of my favourites in the Zuii Organic range is their liquid foundations, a light foundation that gives good coverage and a smooth natural looking finish. Nearly all of the Zuii Organic Liquid Foundations are vegan, including: Beige Light, Beige Fair, Beige Medium, Natural Fair, Natural Medium and Olive Light liquid foundation.

Zuii Organic Vegan Flora Mascara

It was only a few years ago that it was difficult to find a vegan mascara, thankfully, Zuii Organic Flora Mascaras are all vegan, including: Granite, Lapis, Emerald, Bronzite and Earth. Please note, our newly listed Zuii Certified Organic Flora Maxi Lash Mascara is not vegan.

Zuii Organic Vegan Flora Primers

Some of the newest products in their range, Zuii Organics Primers are all vegan and I have found them exceptional for creating a base for foundation and makeup. Vegan primers in the Zuii Organic range include: their Foundation Primer and Apricot, Mauve and Mint Colour Corrective Primers.

Also a special mention for Zuii Organic Makeup Remover - vegan and fabulous!

Zuii Organic Flora Lipstick and Lip Tints

Unfortunately, none of the Zuii Organic Flora Lipsticks or Lip Tints are vegan, we suggests taking a peek at the Neek Skin Organics Australia for a lovely vegan lippy.

Miscellaneous Zuii Organic Non-Vegan Products

Unfortunately, Zuii Organic Flora Eyebrow Definer, Eyeliner Pencil, Concealer Pencil and Lip Liner Pencils are all non-vegan products.

Please note, this information regarding Zuii Organic vegan products is based on information provided by Zuii Organic. We hope you love using your vegan makeup from Zuii Organic.

Last updated on 24th January 2017.


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