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The Jojoba Company Lip Balm Review

Posted on 17 February 2016 by Leonie Satori

Excited at the prospect of trying an Australian vegan lip balm, I jumped at the chance to be the first to test and review this product.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Jojoba Company products, they are an Australian based company who specialise in natural skin care products, their range, obviously uses Australian grown jojoba. Their fabulous range of products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, contain a bevy of natural ingredients, herbal extracts and essential oils and are suitable for sensitive skin.

The Jojoba Company Lip Balm

Finding an Australian vegan lip balm is quite a treat and the cute little pot that it comes in tucks away nicely in your pocket or handbag. For ease of reading, we have arranged below in point form our likes and dislikes of this natural lip balm:


What we like about The Jojoba Company Lip Balm

Candelilla wax is a wonderful vegan ingredient in this lip balm that replaces bees wax in your regular lip balms. The inclusion of this wax keeps the lip balm solid in the container and even after a few hours in my hot little pocket on a warmish day (my standard road test for a lip balm) this vegan lip balm is still holding together.

Australian made. Need we say more? But if we can, we will stock and promote Australian made products (we are partial to some international products though!).

An alternative to your lip balms in a stick. Yes, well it is a personal preference, but some people prefer a pot over a stick – so we say this is a bonus.

No added fragrances, essential oils or funny smells. Fragrance free makes this product suitable for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies or for those who simply do not want fragrance in their natural lip balm.

Versatility. The Jojoba Company Lip Balm works nicely applied over a lip stick, particularly over ones that tend to be a little dry at times. I tried this lip balm over our Zuii Organic lip stick and it added a nice sheen to the colour, without being overly sticky or messy.
The texture of this lip balm is quite thin and smooth, making it an excellent choice for those wanting a light lip moisturiser without the heaviness of a lip gloss or a bees wax based lip balm.

Unisex. Ok, so the pretty pink packaging may not be suitable for your beefy boyfriend to be carrying around in his man-bag, but this is a product that doesn't have any flowery smells and doesn't sit like a lip gloss on the lips. So, we think it is good for blokes too.

Price. This little pot of goodness is sure to last a really long time, so we think $14.95 for an Australian vegan fragrance free lip balm is pretty good.


What we didn't like about The Jojoba Company Lip Balm

No added fragrances or essential oils. Okay, this is a personal thing, but I do like to have a little fragrance in my lip balm, for me the lack of smell makes it a little boring. But hey, that's just me.

The solid nature of this lip balm means it can initially take a little work to get going. Quite light on application and a little oily, but I prefer a little texture to a lip balm. Again, my personal opinion, some people would love the lightness of this product.

Overall, The Jojoba Company Lip Balm gets a big thumbs up from us. Proudly Australian, vegan, natural and fragrance free, this natural lip balm from The Jojoba Company is sure to be a popular addition in may handbags and pockets throughout Australia.


Visit our online store to purchase your very own pot of The Jojoba Company Lip Balm or drop by our health centre in Lismore to check out the full range of The Jojoba Company products.





Leonie Satori Herbalist Naturopath Lismore

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