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Natural Vegan Lip Balm - A Comparative Product Review

Posted on 24 December 2016 by Leonie Satori

Vegan Lip Balms are no longer mythical, and as the Swedes would say they are set to be the 'bubblers' of  natural skin care products. While a majority of natural lip balms still use bee's wax to create a solid, but pliable lip balm, plant based alternatives to this have been available for some time. In this article we compare three different vegan lip balms based on texture, usability, quality of ingredients and of course effectiveness.

Natural Vegan lip Balms

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Lip Balm

This Australian vegan lip balm is one of the newest products in this range of natural skin care products. This lip balm is made in Australia from pure, plant based ingredients and is a totally fragrance free lip balm. Packaged in a little metal tin with a pretty pink label, The Jojoba Company Lip Balm is perfect for carrying in your pocket or for your handbag. I have to admit that when I first tried this lip balm I thought that it would be better with a few drops of essential oil to make it a little more fragrant, however I now enjoy the subtle nutty fragrance from the coconut oil and find this suitable for both guys and girls. 

For those who love to dip their finger into a little pot of lip balm to apply over lippy on or it's own, The Jojoba Company Lip Balm is perfect. As with many lip balms, the first few applications take a little time to get the balm workable, but once softened a little, this vegan lip balm applies quite nicely. 

As with all The Jojoba Company products, this lip balm is rich in jojoba, a natural wax ester that is most similar to our skin's own natural waxes. Like most vegan lip balms, candelilla wax is used to keep the balm from melting in your pocket and the all natural and gentle ingredients make this lip balm ideal for those with skin or fragrance sensitives. 

Neek Skin Organics Moisturising Lip Gloss 

Technically a lip gloss, we have decided that this vegan skin care product can easily be called a lip balm too. Again, a relatively new product in Australia, this is one of a range of lip care products from Neek Skin Organics Australia. Packaged in a neat little wooden tube, this vegan lip moisturiser displays all of the properties of a high quality vegan lip gloss or balm and is applied as you would a lip stick. The most expensive of these three vegan lip balms, Neek Skin Organics Moisturising Lip Gloss makes use of two plant based bee's wax alternatives: carnauba wax and candelilla wax. Generous amounts of nourishing shea butter makes application of this natural lip balm smooth and easy. 

Initially is takes a little time to get this lip balm workable, but it isn't long before it is ready to apply. As with all lip balms, glosses and lip sticks in this roll-up format there can be a tendency for the stick to keel over if you apply too much pressure on application. Gentle use of this vegan lip balm is all that is needed to keep your lips lovingly moisturised. Because this is technically a lip gloss, I was expecting a much more glossy or oily application, however I do not find this to be any different shine-wise than any of the other two vegan lip balms. 

Although there is orange essential oil listed on the ingredients for this product, it is a smell that is barely detectable even with the most sensitive nose. In fact I would consider this to be a fragrance free lip balm and suggest that it is suitable for those wanting a simple and elegant vegan lip balm without an overpowering fragrance.

Hurraw! Vegan Lip Balm

Becoming somewhat of a unisex, cult vegan lip balm, Hurraw! Lip Balms come in many different flavours. Utilising a range of organic and wild crafted herbal extracts and essential oils, Hurraw! Lip Balms are great for dry, thirsty or chapped lips.

Hurraw! Lip Balms are made in the USA, with an obviously excellent recipe including candelilla wax and cocoa butter to ensure a nice firm lip balm with a nourishing application. These vegan lip balms come in a little tube with a roller wheel at the base, making them great for easy application and are quite sturdy even after a little rough treatment in the bottom of my handbag. Admittedly I do find the little slide off lid a bit difficult to remove if I have moisturiser on my hands and now remove the lid before using other skin care products.

At Sundala Health, we carry a handful of Hurraw! Vegan Lip Balms, including Chai Spiced, Ayurvedic themed Vata, Pitta and Kapha, an Unscented Lip Balm, and their Moon Balm Night Treatment Balm. Although I have not tried all of the lip balms in this range, I do find them all consistently moisturising and pleasant to use and the roll up tube makes them easy to apply with little or no wastage. My favourite in this range is the Moon Balm Night Treatment Balm as this contains additional ingredients to super hydrate and sooth parched or sensitive kissers. Hurraw! Lip Balms are great for those who want a little flavour and oomph with their vegan lip balm and the reasonable price means you can afford to have a couple rattling around in your handbag without a problem.

My Favourite Vegan Lip Balm?

Comparing these three natural vegan lip balms I find it hard to find a favourite, because I find each of them fabulous. Try the Neek Skin Organics Australia Moisturising Lip Gloss if you are looking for a high quality stylish vegan lip balm, The Jojoba Company Lip Balm if you prefer a little dipping pot of vegan lip balm or Hurraw! Lip Balm for flavoursome vegan lip balm with essential oils and herbal ingredients.




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