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Menstrual Cup Comparison: The Keeper vs JuJu Cup

Posted on 30 September 2015 by Leonie Satori

Menstrual Cups are an economical and practical way to manage menstrual blood. Here we compare two seemingly similar, but quite different menstrual cups from a personal perspective The Keeper and JuJu Menstrual Cup.

Menstrual Cup Comparison

For most brands of menstrual cups, a woman can expect to get around 5-10 years out of a single cup and for me personally I have used only two different brands. My first experience with using a menstrual cup was several years ago, this was with The Keeper menstrual cup, this particular cup is made with latex and has a quite a hard surface. In all honesty, my experience with using this particular menstrual cup was not a pleasant one,and although I do not like to focus on too many negative points, I find it difficult to say many positive things about this menstrual cup. I used The Keeper cup for twelve cycles and during this time was determined to learn how to use this cup properly, during this year I experienced numerous difficulties with leakages, irritation and discomfort. One of the main problems that I had with this cup was the handle or the stem at the base of the cup which is used to remove the menstrual cup. This stem is made again from a rather hard latex and is of a tubular design, the manufacturers suggest that you should trim this component of the cup to size, however incorrect (or maybe even correct) trimming of this component of The Keeper inevitably causes further discomfort and irritation. I had difficulty with inserting and removing this menstrual cup and after one year of using the cup and feeling disappointed and slightly traumatised by the experience, I was informed by the manufacturers that some women just do not relate to the cup well.

It was several years before I could bring myself to even consider looking at another menstrual cup, but after  a few months of research looking for an appropriate menstrual cup to stock in our health centre in Lismore New South Wales I decided to bring the Australian JuJu Menstrual Cup to our shelves. You can probably imagine that I was not too eager to try this menstrual cup myself and I did not discuss the matter with my partner as I did not want to bring up the whole trauma of the 'year of the menstrual cup' again with him.

After observing some really positive responses from women with the JuJu Menstrual Cups at our health centre, I decided I would quietly brave the world of menstrual cups again and try the JuJu menstrual cup myself. One of the first, and most significant differences that I noticed with the JuJu menstrual cup is the softness of the material. JuJu is one of the only (if not the only) Australian menstrual cup that is made from medical grade silicone, at first glance the design of the JuJu cup is similar to The Keeper, but closer inspection yields details that can significantly influence the comfort and usability of this design. As the material used for the JuJu cup is much softer and pliable, insertion and removal is so much more comfortable, also this material seems to be more slippery than the abrasive nature of the latex used with The Keeper. The stem or handle of the JuJu menstrual cup is also quite different, it is quite a bit thinner than The Keeper, with a little nub at the end and the flexibility of this component of the cup makes me want to call it an 'antennae'.

So for me, the JuJu menstrual cup, in comparison to The Keeper is much less irritating, easier to insert and remove and more manageable to manoeuvre into the correct position. As far as leakage goes, I have had a little at night and when my 'cup over flows'. However where I would often find The Keeper with blood on the outside and the inside, using the JuJu menstrual cup is much cleaner and seems to hold the menstrual fluid in the right place. Also (and I think this is a difference with the material used here again) the little air vents on the side of the JuJu cup around the rim seem to function well enough to prevent too much suction from occurring with removal.

Two days into using the JuJu menstrual cup and I had the hang of it, and now after using the JuJu cup for two cycles I feel almost like a veteran using this cup. It is pretty obvious that my personal preference between these two cups is for the JuJu cup, and with the occasional pang of regret that I didn't find this kind of menstrual cup years ago, I am more than happy to continue with using this cup in the future.

I have found that the convenience and practicality of my JuJu menstrual cup to be quite liberating, I do not need to worry about how many tampons I have left, and what is the best option for disposing of used sanitary products. I am happy to recommend the JuJu menstrual cup even for young and sensitive women and do feel that I have recovered from the trauma that I had previously experienced with a different type of menstrual cup.

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