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Introducing Bonk Lube Certified Organic Personal Lubricant

Posted on 02 March 2017 by Marie Hunter

So, you eat organic food, use natural skin care products, but have you considered what is in your personal lubricant? 

Until a few years ago, Sylk lubricant was the only natural lubricant available, and with the recent disappearance of Sylk from the shelves, there has been a gap for other manufacturers to allow their natural personal lubricants to shine, so to speak. We have stocked a few organic lubricants in the past, with mixed responses, it wasn't until we recently ran out of New Zealand made Bonk Lube that we decided to do a little more research into organic personal lubricants.

Bonk Lube Certified Organic Lubricant

We have previously stocked the Bonk Lube Certified Organic Lubricant, and, when our supplies ran out, we thought nothing of it until we had some of our regular customers coming to us with sad looking faces, too shy to ask us where the Bonk Lube had gone. Obviously, we hadn't tried it ourselves, so we managed to get our hands on some of their water-based and oil-based organic personal lubricant and did a little testing ourselves.

Bonk Lube - At a Glance

We have been known to have a little giggle at the cheekiness of Bonk Lube - it's made by Kiwis, who we know to be boldly smart enough to make a totally natural certified organic lubricant, and name it Bonk Lube - enough said. In two basic types: oil-based and water-based, Bonk Lube is suitable for those with chemical sensitivities, fragrance sensitivities, those wanting to reduce chemicals in their home or are simply aware of the importance of a good quality natural personal lubricant.

Bonk Lube Certified Organic Water-Based Lubricant is the most popular of the two, it is suitable for use with latex condoms and silicone based toys. Their Oil-Based Lubricant is great for those who prefer a more nourishing oily lubricant and this is suitable for women breast-feeding, post-menopausal or using the oral contraceptive pill, which can alter oestrogen levels and lubrication down there.

Certified Organic Personal Lubricant

Bonk Lube is certified organic by New Zealand based BioGro, this means that when you are using your Bonk Lube down there, you are not adding any unnecessary chemicals to your body. Many lubricants may claim that they are natural, or contain natural ingredients, but this certification ensures that Bonk Lube is a truly organic personal lubricant. Simple, natural ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter are included for their texture, but also nourish your skin without causing irritation. To us, it makes sense that we should only use natural and organic ingredients on our delicate private parts.

We are proud to stock one of the few certified organic personal lubricants on the market: Bonk Lube.

Natural Herbal Extracts in a Lube?

Bonk Lube Water-Based Lubricant contains certified organic aloe vera and Harakeke, which is the Maori name for New Zealand Flax. Most people would be familiar with the skin soothing properities of aloe vera gel, and Harakeke is known for it's skin softening and healing properties, making these an ideal addition to a personal lubricant. Bonk Lube Certified Organic Oil-Based Lubricant contains a couple of our favourite natural moisturisers; organic jojoba is most similar to the natural waxes in our skin and organic shea butter is richly nourishing and hydrating, without being sticky.

How Does Bonk Lube Compare to Sylk?

For many who have used Sylk Personal Lubricant in the past, the Bonk Lube Water-Based Lubricant is the best alternative. In fact we suggest that the more modern and natural formula of Bonk Lube is superior to Sylk. The inclusion of organic aloe vera, harakeke and totally natural ingredients makes Bonk Lube ideal for those needing a slippery alternative to Sylk.

Why Would I Use An Organic Personal Lubricant?

It goes without saying that most people are becoming aware of what we put into and onto our body can influence our overall health, and where in the past personal lubricants have been predominantly chemical based, Bonk Lube provides a natural and healthy alternative. For some women, natural lubrication can be diminished during breast feeding, when using the oral contraceptive pill or after menopause. This is where a natural organic personal lubricant can help to ease any anxiety associated with irritation after lovemaking.

Pushing all adult sensibility to the side, using an organic lubricant can not only help with easing any irritation associated with lovemaking or using chemical based lubricants, above all, Bonk Lube helps to make lovemaking naturally more fun and pleasurable.

Where Can I Buy Bonk Lube Certified Organic Lubricant in Australia?

As you would have guessed, we have replenished our supplies of this essential organic personal lubricant. You can buy Bonk Lube from our health centre in Lismore NSW and also through our online store, so you never have to go without!


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