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Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle Review

Posted on 09 August 2016 by Leonie Satori

What do I take with me when I travel up to Brisbane or down to Sydney? My Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle of course! 

Ideal for travelling or those out on the road daily, Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle, filters your water as you drink. Designed in Australia as a personal water filter bottle,  Ecobud Glass Filtered Water Bottle is a reusable bottle that removes bacteria, chlorine and odours from water.

Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle

At our health centre in Lismore and at home, I always have access to clean, good quality filtered water, but on many occasions driving up to Brisbane I have been known to carry several one litre glass bottles filled with filtered water, just so I can have access to clean water. Also when flying down to Sydney or Melbourne, I often have difficulty finding clean water while travelling, unfortunately on some occasions I have had to resort to bottled water.

Many years ago when we did a big three month trip overseas, I sourced a couple of water filter bottles to enable us to drink filtered water on our journey, these bottles were invariably made from plastic and the filter was such that after a day of thirsty drinking my cheeks would be sore from sucking.

Fast forward several years and I now have an Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle that I take on holidays and adventures. Thankfully there have been some recent innovations with the design of the filter in these bottles, and no vigorous sucking is required to quench your thirst.

The Ecobud Glass Filtered Water Bottle Design

These 500mL glass water bottles have an ergonomic design to allow for an easy grip when carrying or drinking. They also come with a neat little silicone cover to protect it from breakage and also so that the bottle is not so slippery when wet. This silicone sleeve does not cover the whole bottle, there is a window on each side of the bottle to allow you to view the contents of your glass water bottle and know when it is time to refill.

The lid of the Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle is quite solid, giving me the impression that the design elements were well thought out before the final manufacture. The spout is made from hospital grade silicone and has a little flip lever to allow you to tuck the spout away when not in use. The lever for the spout sits proud of the bottle and I imagine some would think to use this as a carrying handle - I do not recommend doing this!

About the filter in the Ecobud Glass Water Bottle

The recent re-design of the filtration mechanism in the Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle, has improved the flow rate by at least 35%, which is great when you are really thirsty. In the filter, Ecobud uses Australian patented 4-stages filtration system, using a PPF filter, Silver activated carbon and Calcium ionized clay. These components of this personal water filter help to produce great tasting pure water with a pH of 8.0 – 8.5 as you drink. Not just improving the taste or pH of the water, the combination of activated carbon and calcium ionised clay also reduce fluoride and eliminates chlorine, contaminants and bacteria from your water.

The easy to replace filter of the Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle needs to be changed every two months or 150L of water filtered. Replacing your filter regularly ensures your water is of the best quality, free from bacteria and pH balanced, I tend to just replace mine every two calendar months regardless of how much I have used the bottle.

Travelling with Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle

The base of the Ecobud Glass water bottle measure 70mm across, making it suitable for your drinks holder in your car, or I imagine in a water bottle holder on a push bike. The height of the bottle is 250mm, but including the lever for the spout, you will need to add another 10mm to allow for this. Before using the bottle (without water in the filter) the whole bottle weighs 420g, with a used filter, but without any water in the actual chamber the bottle weighs 445g and completely filled with water, the Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle weighs 940g.

I have measured the carrying capacity of this personal water bottle and it can comfortably hold exactly 500mL of water, making it ideal for international trips. I suggest travelling with the Ecobud Glass Water Bottle on long flights, just remember to enter the airport with an empty bottle and refill your bottle once you have checked through the security screening area, you can usually fill up at drinking fountains and amenities blocks.

Using the Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle

I am the first to admit I was a little confused about how to use this personal water filter bottle, but it wasn't too long before I had it figured out. The first few millilitres of water can be sucked out of the bottle in the upright position, however, once the level of water is below the base of the water filter you need to tip the bottle up and drink the water.

I was anticipating a few drops of spilled water when tipping up the bottle or when securing the spout in place after use, however there has been minimal drips or spills with this bottle.

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase of my Ecobud Reusable Glass Filtered Water Bottle, it was well worth the investment. For me, this water bottle reduces the stress associated with finding clean water while travelling and reduces any anxiety associated with drinking either unclean water or having to purchase plastic packaged bottled water. Another bonus with this water bottle is that Ecobud is an Australian owned and based business, so using this water bottle supports my health, the health of the environment and the Australian economy.



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