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Earth Lab Vegan Lash Mascara Review

Posted on 30 May 2015 by Leonie Satori

Unicorns, good men and vegan mascara all fit into my ‘once you have found it keep it’ category, and while I am still looking for my unicorn, with Earth Lab Cosmetics I may have found a vegan mascara that checks many of my stringent mascara requirements boxes. Earth Lab Vegan Mascara

It is probably good to know that I had all but given up on mascara as my eyes tend to react to any kind of gunk that I use on my lashes. For several months I have been rocking the mascara-less look and actually found this beneficial to detox my lashes of all toxic junk.

Good for Sensitive Eyes

I initially jumped at the chance to try Earth Lab Vegan Lash Mascara and decided that one week of use would be a sufficient time to form a proper opinion of this product. Approximately one month on and I am still using this mascara 4-5 times per week and I have not been having the kinds of issues that I have had in the past with eye irritation or reaction to mascaras. Checkbox one: good for sensitive eyes.

Natural Ingredients and Smells Nice

A quick look though the ingredients for this product and it is easy to see that this is packed full of natural ingredients with minimal reliance on chemical nasties to make it work. Checkbox two: natural. I also have an extremely sensitive nose and any artificial fragrances I can get all funny about, Earth Lab uses organic vanilla bean extract to make their mascara smell deliciously not like other mascara. Checkbox three: smells nice.

No Panda Eyes

The first thing that you notice when you look at the brush of this mascara is that it doesn’t actually look like it has any product on it, this mascara is a lot thinner than others that I have used and I guess it is the addition of aloe vera gel as one of the main ingredients that makes this mascara light and easy to apply. That being said, it is understandable that you generally need a couple of applications to get this mascara going, so it is probably not great for those who like big dollops of mascara on their lashes. Once you get the hang of the texture of this product, then you can work with the coverage and application that you need.

Earth Lab Vegan Mascara Review

Clumping and smudging has been pretty minimal since I have been using this vegan mascara and really there has only been one day after I given my eyes a good rub that I found myself looking like a panda. Checkbox four: no panda eyes.

Easy To Remove

Removal of this stuff is pretty easy, natural face cleanser or face washer with soapy water – no industrial strength make-up remover required. Checkbox five: easy to remove.

At least while I am out unicorn hunting my eyes will look fabulous wearing my vegan mascara.




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